It’s Still a Long Way From County Cavan – Volume Two

The Rountree Coleman Book – Volume Two focuses on the history of the New Zealand branch of these two County Cavan families.  They immigrated from Ireland during the mid nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  The book focuses on the history from 1700 to 2020.


When you order this book, you will be required to provide us with some family information, so we can verify you are related.  Otherwise your order will be cancelled and any payment made refunded.

If you are not a New Zealand Rountree or Coleman relation, but would like to know more about this project you can do so here.  Or if you’d like to create a family history book for your own family, please contact Deb here.


About the Book

County Cavan, Ireland has been the home to the Rountree and Coleman Families at least since the early 1700s. But like so many of the Irish of that period, our ancestors decided to emigrate and pursue better opportunities and lives in the colonies. Some went to North America. Others went to Australia. And in a period of six years (1862–1868), the members of Rountree — Coleman families braved the arduous and dangerous journey, via England, to the Canterbury Province in New Zealand.

They travelled on four sail powered Clipper ships — Zealandia, Brother’s Pride, Ivanhoe and Light Brigade. One ship had a smooth and mostly uneventful voyage. The other three were infamous because of the number of deaths from disease, poor hygiene and bad management, or the terrible weather they endured for most of their journey.

Despite this tragic start to their new lives, these two pioneering families settled into their new home. In time, they were joined by other family members from County Cavan, as well as people from other areas of Ireland, England, Europe and elsewhere. Some descendants have been back home to visit family and explore where it all began. Others continued to pursue new opportunities in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, North America, and Asia.

Nearly 160 years have passed since those first four life-changing voyages. The New Zealand Rountree — Coleman family tree is now eight generations deep. This book follows on from “It’s a Long Way From County Cavan” by Dallas Rountree and Jo Noble (Volume One). It’s a social and genealogical history, and includes contributions from over 100 cousins with approximately 900 photographs illustrating the lives and memories of our pioneering ancestors and their descendants.

Book info:

  • A4 Softcover, full colour interior on standard quality paper.
  • 528 pages
  • 173,067 words
  • 907 images
  • Rountree Family Tree dating back to 1710 (Charles Rountree and Mollie Coleman)
  • Coleman Family Tree dating back to 1806 (John Coleman and Margaret Bell)
  • A Brief History of County Cavan, Ireland
  • The Journey to New Zealand – the First Four Ships
  • New Zealand Family Members Information and Memories

This book is for private family research only.  If you are related to the New Zealand Rountree & Coleman families, and you would like a copy, please contact us.

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