Volume One (2nd Ed)


It’s A Long Way from County Cavan, edited by Dallas Rountree and Jo Noble, was privately published in 1994.  In 2021, the family revised and reprinted a second edition, improving the print and photo quality.  200 pages, A4 soft cover.

Volume Two


It’s Still a Long Way from County Cavan, edited by Deb Donnell, Christina Carroll, Bev Cameron & Jo Noble was privately published in 2021, providing a more in-depth family history and updated stories.  528 pages, A4 softcover.

Heirloom Edition


Both Volumes are combined into a hardcover, high quality print edition with a dust jacket to protect the book and future proof it.  Ideal to pass onto the generations that follow.  766 pages, A4 hardcover with dust jacket.

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