It’s a Long Way From County Cavan to Canterbury – Heirloom Edition

Nearly 160 years have passed since the Rountree and Coleman families began to leave County Cavan, Ireland in search of a better life in Canterbury, New Zealand. The New Zealand Rountree — Coleman family tree is now eight generations deep.

This book combines the two social and genealogical history books illustrating the lives and memories of our pioneering ancestors and their descendants.

  • Volume One: “It’s a Long Way From County Cavan” by Dallas Rountree and Jo Noble.
  • Volume Two: “It’s Still a Long Way From County Cavan” by Deb Donnell, Christina Carroll, Bev Cameron and Jo Noble.
Both book are valuable references for the family. 


When you order this book, you will be required to provide us with some family information, so we can verify you are related.  Otherwise your order will be cancelled and any payment made refunded.

If you are not a New Zealand Rountree or Coleman relation, but would like to know more about this project you can do so here.  Or if you’d like to create a family history book for your own family, please contact Deb here.

Volume One (1863 – 1994)

It’s a long way from County Cavan, Life and Memories of the Rountree / Coleman Clan of New Zealand provides a glimpse inside our past. It is a social and genealogical history, and includes contributions from many of the extended family.

Originally published in 1994 by Dallas Rountree and his sister, Jo Noble. This second edition was updated in 2021, with highly improved, digitised images and some errors corrected.

You can read more about Volume One here.

Volume One provides a foundation to Volume Two.


Volume Two (1700 – 2021)

County Cavan, Ireland has been the home to the Rountree and Coleman Families since at least the early 1700s.

But like so many of the Irish of that period, several members left Ireland to pursue better opportunities and lives in the colonies. Some went to North America, while others went to Australia. And between 1862 and 1868) a handful of Rountree — Coleman families braved the arduous and risky journey to the Canterbury Province in New Zealand.

In time, they were joined by other family members from County Cavan, as well as people from other areas of Ireland, England, Europe and elsewhere. Some descendants have been back home to visit family and explore where it all began. Others continued to pursue new opportunities in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, North America, and Asia.

Volume Two includes an in-depth history of the family, dating back to the start of the 18th Century through to 2020.  Read more…

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